Copyright © 2013 by Ugur Tufan Emeksiz
  Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Prints
All photographs in the gallery are available as "Limited Edition" Fine Art Prints. 

No more than 30 prints (+3 Artist Proof ) will ever be produced irrespective of size.

Every Limited Edition Fine Art Print is personally signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Prints are made only on archival, museum quality, acid free cotton based fine art papers (Hahnemuehle or Bergger),
in conjunction with archival, pigment based inks which are much more resistant to UV light than dye-based inks.
Images printed with pigment-based inks on to archival paper have the potential of lasting well over 100 years if
stored under the proper conditions.

Pricing :
Our pricing system guarantees that the price will rise until the edition is sold out. The sooner you purchase a print,
the higher the value of your investment will become over time.

Standard Format Prints
  Print Run Of
Print Size 1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30
8 x 12 (inch)
20,3 x 30,5 (cm)
$ 150 $ 225 $ 300
12 x 18 (inch)
30,5 x 45,7 (cm)
$ 200 $ 300 $ 400
20x 30 (inch)
50,8 x 76,2(cm)
$ 250 $ 375 $ 500
24 x 36 (inch)
61 x 91,4 (cm)
$ 300 $ 450 $ 600
 Panoramic Format Prints
  Print Run Of
Print Size 1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30
8 x 24 (inch)
20,3 x 61 (cm)
$ 200 $ 300 $ 400
10 x 30 (inch)
25,4 x 76,2 (cm)
$ 250 $ 375 $ 500
14 x 40 (inch)
35,5 x 101,5 (cm)
$ 300 $ 450 $ 600
 Square Format Prints
  Print Run Of
Print Size 1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30
11 x 11 (inch)
28 x 28 (cm)
$ 180 $ 270 $ 360
16 x 16 (inch)
40,6 x 40,6 (cm)
$ 250 $ 375 $ 500
24 x 24 (inch)
61 x 61 (cm)
$ 300 $ 450 $ 600
36 x 36 (inch)
91 x 91 (cm)
$ 500 $ 750 $ 1000

* Above given image sizes are approximate and actual size of image may be 1-2 inch(es) longer or shorter,
   since many photographs don't correspond to these exact dimensions. The longest side of the actual printed
   image is used in these calculations and  shorter sides of each print may vary depending on the image
** When you purchase one of my print, you will be donating %15 of print price to either "Foundation Of Hope
   For Children With Cancer (KAÇUV)"  or another well known foundation for leukemia. Donation document 
   (bank swift copy) will be included in the package.
*** At any moment a client can close a selected edition for a fee, thereby ensuring that no more Fine Prints will
     ever be sold of that photograph, independently of how many Prints are still available on the original edition.
     Please contac us for further information on the process of Edition Closure.
We do not currently offer fine art framing to our international clients due to shipping complications. However, if
you do want to purchase framed fine art prints, before you purchase please send me an email through our contact
form for framing and shipping options and costs.

As the framing requires a professional care, we highly recommend that you do not handle it and let a professional
do the entire work for you. Always make sure they use Archival - Acid free material which will protect you art for years
and increase both the value and enhances your investment. We do highly recommend that prints be framed with
museum glass, often referred to as conservation glass. Professional framers will know this term if you ask for it.

Prints will be ready for shipment within one week after receiving your purchase order and shipped flat in a
box or rolled in a tube depending on size.

Prints are shipped from Turkey via DHL  (about 2-5 business days delivery in Europe and 4-8 business days
delivery to worlwide). Please note that buyers are responsible for their own country’s customs charges and
import taxes, if applicable.

Damage during shipping is extremely unlikely. However, if you do recieve a photo in less than perfect condition
we will be happy to send you a new print ( free of print cost) as soon as we get the damaged product back. 

Important notice:

When you purchase one of my prints you are purchasing the actual physical print, with the right to display
the print for viewing for non-commercial purposes. However, unless specifically authorized in writing, you
may not scan, duplicate, copy, publish, or otherwise utilize the image in any manner without prior written
authorization. You will own the print, not the rights to the original image.

I hope that you and your viewing audience have many years enjoyment from these Limited Edition Prints.